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Box’d Night In

CLIENT: Box’d Night In
SCOPE: Website Copy, Product Booklets, Product Descriptions, Blog Posts
VISION: Clarity (and thrill) to boost sales

“Our traffic is converting a lot quicker than before. We went from 1% conversion rate to above 2%. It’s money well spent. That’s all I can say.”

Box’d Night In brings unique flavour to date night: an at-home experience everyone loves, but won’t know until they try. When the current copy fell flat and sales were lower than desired, Lovenote was called on to build instant excitement and intrigue. Across Home, About and Product pages, we crafted catchy one-liners that embodied endless benefits in each concise sentence. No longer was Box’d Night In a mystery to its audience — instead, with improved clarity and a bigger buzz, the conversion rate more than doubled, and higher-priced boxes began to sell faster than before. Now, couples around the world take time for connection with date night in a box, as the brand’s ethos resonates with romantics and thrill seekers alike.


“There are so many copywriters, but they won’t all have the same level of passion — so it’s not going to reflect in the copy they create — whereas Taryn was excited, she was happy, she loved the product. So for me, it was a no-brainer.

Any business has hesitations: I can do it myself, it’s too much money. But by working with Lovenote, I save time, and that’s money there. But there’s also the increase in conversion rate Taryn brought us, and that’s more money coming in, just by having someone do my content professionally. Someone who gets it. That’s her.”

“It was a surprise how quickly Taryn could turn everything around and make it sound amazing, without me having to say too much. When I brief her, it takes not even five minutes, I construct an email and send it through — and that’s it, she’s done. She sends me the copy back and it’s exactly what I asked for. All those little things that are a must-have for your website, Taryn has delivered that for us, and we didn’t have that before. She got me straight away. That was the biggest surprise.”

“Taryn has one hundred percent achieved my brand tone of voice. The copy on our website is so clear and concise, people instantly know what they’re getting — and that’s increased our conversion rate. Prior to Lovenote services, our messaging on the website wasn’t clear, and we weren’t showing the level of excitement our boxes can give them. Through the content she provided, the traffic now converts a lot quicker than before. We went from 1% conversion rate to above 2%.

Our higher priced items have increased in sales. Before the new product descriptions, our customers didn’t understand why some boxes cost more than the others, so they didn’t sell as quickly. Now they see the value, and we sell more.

The main thing is the conversion rate — but also the feedback on the booklets. They are very well received, and people comment on it now, too. There’s a lot of content included for the activities in the box, but our customers are engaged throughout. They find it easy to read, they love the messaging, and they’re engaged from start to finish, which is great.”


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