Four must-have email sequences to build loyalty and love

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Four must-have email sequences to win customers’ hearts

As a founder or brand manager, there’s no doubt you know the importance of delegating — and that doesn’t always mean hiring staff or overloading your VA. The art of automation means setting up your digital secret weapons to do the hard work, so you can focus on building your business (not writing emails all day). 

The easiest automations to implement are your automated email sequences, designed to hit your customers’ inboxes without any action on your part. 

When you craft these epic lovenotes with your ideal customer in mind, you’ll build loyalty and win their hearts without reaching out manually every single time. Here are four automated email sequences to implement in your business ASAP, so you remain top of mind for your target (and win sales along the way).

1. The welcome sequence (of course)

TO: New subscribers to your email list

WHEN: Immediately after subscribing, starting with a strong incentive to purchase (think: discount code)

This is the holy grail reason that potential customers will sign up to your email list: they want that sweet first-time-purchase discount code. If this is what you’re offering, make sure you’re set up for success with an instantly-deployed email, crafted to introduce the brand in your unique tone of voice — then hit them with a call-to-action they can’t resist. Keep it short and sweet as you invite them to click and browse.

2. The abandoned cart email — this one can’t be missed

TO: Everyone who abandons their cart without purchasing

WHEN: 1 hour after the cart has been abandoned, focusing on a CTA to purchase

If they’ve ditched their cart, not all hope is lost. They were interested enough to browse in the first place, which means there’s something about your brand that piques their interest and almost wins their heart — they just need that little push to buy. The abandoned cart email is one of the most important emails in your automation repertoire. Without it, you’ll be missing so much opportunity and losing those who were oh-so-close to becoming customers. 

There’s an art to crafting the most compelling, irresistible abandoned cart email, guaranteed to bring them back. For insight and guidance along the way, download our Guide to Abandoned Cart Emails

3. Email nurture sequence to lock in that first sale

TO: Subscribers on your list who have never purchased from you

WHEN: One week after they subscribed — give them time to make a purchase first

They were interested enough to give you their details, but it hasn’t led to a sale… yet. This segment of your audience has endless potential, so guide them through the process with a strong email sequence. Walk them through the journey you’re hoping to see: sparking an interest in your brand, connecting with your story, then eventually coming back to buy. 

This is the perfect place to include brand storytelling, show off the benefits and solutions you provide, and educate readers about your beautiful products.

4. New customer series, to build the love

TO: Customers who have just purchased for the first time

WHEN: Immediately, beginning with a custom welcome email for this audience

Copywriting builds the connection between brand and audience, so every piece of copy must be a lovenote to your fans. And those who already love you? You should treat them differently than those who don’t (yet).

When a customer has just purchased, it’s prime time to give them more: more of your story, more of what makes you so amazing, more reasons to become utterly obsessed with your brand. When you dedicate an automated sequence to brand-new customers, you make the most of the opportunity to enhance their overall purchasing experience and give them more reasons to care.

Add to their experience with helpful resources and education, show them how to use their new products, or invite them to join your online communities with a cheeky IG link.

With all that new-customer love, they’re sure to come back — and back again.

Email sequence copywriting with LOVENOTE

Crafting the perfect email sequences helps your brand scale; you’ll be building customer loyalty faster than you’d imagined. Sound like a win?

If your email sequences aren’t raking in sales, you’re missing out big time. From nurturing customers with a lovenote at first hello, to bringing them back with an irresistible abandoned cart sequence, the automations you set-and-forget are the key to making cash while handling other tasks.

When it comes to email copywriting, tone of voice is essential to ensure your ideal customer knows who you are, what you do, and what to expect — from subject line to preview text, body copy to an irresistible call-to-action. A unique TOV sets you apart from the competition, making your brand more memorable and your products and services more appealing.
At Lovenote, we define your tone of voice then slip into it effortlessly, crafting instantly recognisable copy in your brand-specific flavour — including click-worthy email sequences. Get our rate card for the details.

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