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SCOPE: Website Copy, Product Descriptions, Captions
VISION: Copy that connects with a lifestyle

“The copy is emotive and rings true to our target audience. We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline — and now, when eyes are on us, the brand will shine.”

In a saturated skincare market, Naturalath found a way to stand out: natural skin products for those who live an active lifestyle. With a big vision, major potential and impressive plans in the pipeline, the brand aimed to amplify its message so it would deeply resonate with its target audience. Lovenote brought punchy copy to a short-and-sweet space, painting a picture of the brand’s aspirational lifestyle in just a few sleek words — nailing the founder’s vision and making Naturalath shine in front of soon-to-be fans.


“The brand is pretty new. I was looking to amplify it, and nail the vision as it continued to evolve. I reached out to Lovenote because, working with Taryn previously, she had this amazing ability to nail a brief — and a very admirable attention to detail. I could see from the start that she would do a deep dive and build an understanding of the brand, which laid a really strong foundation to work together. We wanted to make the words more punchy to match where our vision of the future was going, and I knew Taryn was invested and wanted to provide great results — which she did.”

“I considered that someone wouldn’t be able to pull the vision out of my head and nail it. I can be a little bit particular, coming from a point of passion. I’m so excited and passionate about the brand that I really want it to shine in its best light. I’m the one who has built it from scratch, so I understand it, but I thought bringing someone in might be tricky — but working with Lovenote, Taryn has done a fantastic job of understanding the brand and the vision, and producing great written copy for us.”

“The deliverables have been fantastic — I couldn’t have uploaded the new copy quickly enough! There was hardly anything I needed to change. It really aligns nicely with the target audience; the words are emotive and ring true, while picture-painting how the products fit into active lifestyles. It was a nice, comfortable experience, where I felt confident and comfortable to get things tweaked and changed. Taryn was so receptive to edit requests and feedback. I know she’s all about nailing someone’s vision, and getting every word to shine. It was a quick turnaround, and the quality was always so on point. She has such great insight into the brand, and she got it done with a polished product I was so happy with.”


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