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Picture yourself walking through the front doors of a high end salon or spa — something we all adore, but don’t do often enough.

The lights are dimmed; the hum of noise from the street dissipates in an instant. Candles and mood lighting flicker against the walls, creating an instant sense of calm. The stress of the day slips away, without a second thought, as you settle into an inviting beauty bed, softly encouraging you to breathe a little deeper. Meditative background music — the kind that would sound out of place in your bedroom at home — has quietly transported you to the place of full body bliss.. You feel relaxed, pampered, indulgent; you’ve been floating on clouds from the moment you entered the space.

Before your first service begins, there is no doubt in your mind you’ll be back.

That’s the type of brand experience that locks in lifelong loyalty — and it’s one that beauty salon JC Body Boutique is proud to provide to their clients. But this picture-perfect experience comes with a downside, and it brings up one major issue through every marketing channel they use. 

How can we possibly share the immense value of this experience before our customers make their first visit? How can we take them from brand awareness to brand buy-in without first experiencing what makes us so special?

It’s one thing to tell your customers you create a warm, inviting atmosphere where their stress melts away at the door. It’s another for them to feel it. Seeing is believing, and even the best Instagram caption won’t always cut it.

But the in-person experience was a selling point for JC Body Boutique, so it was essential to get the point across.

Lovenote collaborated with Villa Studio to break down this barrier, creating a virtual spa-like atmosphere that tempts viewers inside from the moment they arrive at the home page.

How we created atmosphere with great copy + design

1. A warm welcome

Copy was first up, and without design direction, the page layout strategy fell in our hands. We thought: what’s the first thing you would experience upon stepping into that warm, welcoming, blissful salon?

Along with an atmosphere built to soothe all five senses, the customer would be greeted by a kind, friendly beauty technician who invites them to sit back, relax, and allow themselves to be pampered. 

We captured this welcoming invitation — and the ahh moment that happens when you finally arrive — and created a hero landing section that speaks to the desire for deep relaxation.

But we can’t take all the credit. The copy was made more impactful and intriguing through the beautiful website visuals that back it, making the reader feel as though they’re being welcomed inside.

2. Soft, inviting language

Before the creation of their website, JC Body Boutique was a blank slate for tone of voice. Lovenote strategised how the brand would speak and sound. Inspired by the sweet, best-friend-like demeanour of founder Jess, we developed a tone that was gentle and honest; kind and welcoming; and soft and inviting. Our word choices prove to customers that JC Body Boutique has what they need. Each sentence keeps the focus on the customer’s wants and needs, and shares the brand’s benefits without becoming too boastful or self-indulgent.

→ “Everything you need in one upscale location”

→ “… making sure each visit is as relaxing and transformative as the next.”

→ “Each client receives our full care and attention as we transform the face, skin, body and beauty routine…”

→ “The best all-in-one beauty…”

→ “Specialist in indulgent skin treatments for the body”

We intentionally stayed away from technical, medical-esque language that conjured up images of a doctor’s office, rather than a beauty salon. Every word choice was kept in layman’s terms, communicating with someone on the other end who has varying levels of knowledge about what each beauty treatment entails.

For example, we chose “Sculpt, treat and tighten the body” more often than “fat cavitation” and “cellulite reduction” — the latter of which were best suited for the booking page.

3. Beauty team introductions, with a twist

One of very many factors that contribute to JC Body Boutique’s unstoppable appeal is their team of beauty specialists — talented, personable and deeply connected to how their clients feel. We introduced the team through bite-size introductions on the home page, with a twist: rather than boring biographies, each introductory sentence spoke about the customer, not solely the technician.

How? While each paragraph seemed to be boasting about the beautician, we also tied in benefits the customer will receive. Rather than the typical bio-style “Jess runs on coffee and wine”, we spoke to how Jess “builds your glow from the inside out”. Likewise, when bragging about Ellie’s beauty skills, we paired it with details that matter most to the client: “the lash and brow queen, fuelled by passion and attention to detail.”

On the About page, we introduced the beauty team in full — while keeping the same benefits-first philosophy. For example, Tash’s variety of skills were positioned to tie into the brand as a whole: “With a portfolio of services always expanding, Tash offers lash, brow, teeth whitening and body contouring services — a perfect match to the all-in-one philosophy of JC Body Boutique”. 

The behind the scenes process 

Brands that set foot into website copy redesign will arrive at two paths in the road: copy or design first? Unless you choose to enlist a full-service agency (which, dare we say, is a bit boring — and not nearly as intriguing as finally hiring the lineup of impressive creatives you’ve had bookmarked on IG), your brand will decide whether to enlist your website developer or copywriter’s services before the other. 

There is great debate about which half should come first, but the truth isn’t so controversial. Copywriters can do their part without design; website developers need copy before the project is complete. (But there’s no need to stress. Copywriters and website designers get along like wide leg trousers and pointed toe heels — that is to say, perfectly — so there’s no need to pit us against each other.) 

JC Body Boutique was on board for the copy-first method of operation, so they let Lovenote begin from the blank page — and we’re so incredibly proud of the result.

Lovenote is available for copy and content writing across platforms. New ecommerce brands are encouraged to start with Brandnote for tone of voice foundations. 

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