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Retreat Yourself

CLIENT: Retreat Yourself
SCOPE: Email Copy, Packaging Copy, Articles
VISION: Weekly content that resonates

“Our customers look forward to Wednesdays because they get to read that email; our open rate is 42% and we have 40,000 people on the list.”

Retreat Yourself curates wellness products designed to refresh, rejuvenate and retreat a busy audience who seeks a slow down. Along with serving self-care sessions, the brand provides immeasurable value through The Slow Down, a weekly newsletter that sends blog-style reflection to 40,000 inboxes worldwide. As the previous full-time writer transitioned out of her role, Retreat Yourself sought a specialised copywriter to slip effortlessly into the brand’s established tone of voice. After talks and trials with dozens of copywriters, Lovenote was found to be the perfect match — and the proof is in the 42 percent open rate, along with endless love letters and gratitude from the audience who embraces it.


“I looked at 40+ copywriters before choosing Lovenote. When I was searching, I thought: How are we going to find the right person? They need to be able to write — but they need to be reflective, and think about things from a different angle, and dig a bit deeper. I had five copywriters each write a piece for our brand. Taryn’s was the best, and it fit our brief the best. It was important for us to have someone who could embody our tone of voice, and Taryn absolutely fit that. She checks all of those boxes. And a really amazing thing about her — a lot of the things she writes about are not surface level, she has to be quite insightful. I feel that she’s always able to tap into insight. She’s obviously naturally like that anyway, quite reflective. And that’s what we needed.”

“It’s a breath of fresh air. There’s no need to chase Taryn for anything. I just go: we need these written, we send them across, and it’s done. It’s so streamlined, seamless, and easy. And every time I receive one, I say: I don’t know how she nails it every time. This is spot on. I never have to edit anything.

And we’re not just writing content. It’s about having insight, being able to connect and go deeper than just writing about a topic — not all copywriters can write like that. It’s a specific skill. We needed a certain style, and Taryn is bloody good at stepping into these shoes — she really gets what we’re trying to write about. She’s also really receptive. In the two times I’ve asked her to re-do something, she’s really taken it on board. It’s just easy. It’s awesome, she’s awesome, nothing but great things to say.”

“We get heaps of customer feedback. The pieces of content she writes go in our weekly Slow Down, our newsletter on a Wednesday, and the whole email is just that copy. Our open rate on that email is 42% and we have 40,000 people on our email list. We always get people replying, saying they look forward to their Wednesdays because they get to read that email, and that it’s really insightful. We get a lot of feedback about it, like: “This one really resonated with me today.” There’s always bits and pieces.”


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