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SCOPE: Product Page, Email Sequences, Blog Posts, Press Release
VISION: Bring the brand to life before launch

“From one blog, we create 20 pieces of content. From one product page, we grab snippets for five more projects. LOVENOTE’s copy is an asset to the business.”

Ritua is a plant-based supplement brand that simplifies the path to good health. The wellness brand offers supplements like Sleep, designed to become as habitual as your morning tea. With brand guidelines in line and an epic launch on the horizon, Ritua needed copy and content for a variety of channels — not only to fill in the blanks, but to guide the strategy and execution of the brand’s tone of voice and content direction as a whole. With Lovenote on board for website copy, email sequences, blog posts, wholesale pitches and more, Ritua was set for launch day success — and made waves in the industry from day one.


“With the whole launch, I wanted to do it right from the first time around. I knew I had to outsource the copywriting, and I consider Lovenote the expert — Taryn had been recommended heaps, I saw what she had done for everyone else, and I thought, she’s good. We did blog posts first. The first thing I noticed was that Taryn captured the tone of voice so well. I didn’t even have to think twice; she did it better than I could’ve ever thought of doing it.”

“Taryn’s guidance is really good. I go to her with a project and say, what are your thoughts? She comes back to me and says: we should approach it like this. It’s great that she just knows what she’s doing.

The copy has been so useful. For example, I’ve onboarded someone to do graphic design for socials. I’ve given them the blog articles and the copy, and said: ‘See how she has used the tone of voice, I want you to emulate that’.

We’ve created a strategy based on the blog posts. Our target market is young professionals, so we post the articles on LinkedIn, then reuse it to create content for other social channels, and create Reels and TikToks. From one blog post Taryn wrote, we’re able to create over 20 pieces of content.

The product description also helped immensely. I’m able to use it across so many areas of the business. When I’m putting things together for wholesalers, I grab snippets from the product page and pop it into a brochure. I’ve done that across five different pieces. Taryn’s copy is an asset to the business.”

“Taryn captures the tone of voice so well. We’re trying to convey a scientific product, but in layman’s terms. We’re attracting young professionals as the target audience, so we can’t be too technical. The way Taryn writes is very relatable to this demographic. She wrote a welcome email series, and I know that it’s great — it’s all set up, it’s ready to go. I don’t have to consider: is this going to work? I have the utmost confidence it will.

When I review Taryn’s work, I feel: this is absolutely spot on. I’m not asking for any changes. It’s a sense of relief like, thank you for making my job so easy. It’s bang-on the first time. She helps me so much, I’m so thankful.”


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