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Sea + Paper

CLIENT: Sea + Paper
SCOPE: Blog Posts
VISION: Content that matters to clients

“Our products aren’t mainstream, but LOVENOTE researched the brand. They find what I’m looking for — even what I haven’t supplied in the brief, because I feel like I don’t need to.”

Regular blog posting brings an easy-to-achieve SEO boost, but with client questions swirling and DIY inspiration abound, Sea + Paper sought to go far beyond the basics — they wanted to bring real, unforgettable value to their audience. Lovenote crafts insightful blog posts and detailed guides for Sea + Paper on an ongoing basis, so the brand consistently offers a reliable how-to and FAQ for using creative products. As clients find the answers they seek through Sea + Paper — rather than looking to their competitors — they build appreciation and loyalty to the brand, find inspiration for creativity, and keep coming back for more.


“We wanted to bring value to our community, not just focus on SEO, though we know it goes hand in hand with blog posts. I don’t come to Lovenote and say: I really want everything focused on SEO. Instead, I come to Lovenote to bring value to existing clients, rather than using blog posts to find new customers. We wanted to have something they can come back to quite often when they need tips and tricks.”

“The first time I sent Taryn a couple of dot points and she was able to write such an extensive blog post — that was quite amazing. I could tell she did her research into the brand to find the answers, so that was quite cool. I didn’t have to do it for her. Our products aren’t used in the mainstream, so she would’ve had to research how to use that product. I can see that she finds those details, and that’s really great. It’s why I continue to work with Lovenote — Taryn finds what I’m looking for, even what I haven’t supplied to her in the brief, because I feel like I don’t need to.”

“We keep it fun, friendly and lighthearted — never too serious or trying to sell too much. Instead, we are solutions focused, providing how-to’s and guides to make the task they’re completing easier, because we have a lot of DIY clients who create things themselves. They always ask us things like: how do I make the perfect wax seal? So I link them the blog post. When I email them out, I find that people do read them to find out, especially those how-to’s. They drive over; they do like it. Those are the things they’re really looking for.”


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