How to stay on brand with SEO copywriting

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SEO copywriting is a balancing act — oftentimes, we have to get really creative. 

While your copy should be written with your target audience in mind, effortlessly readable and always on-brand, there are a few technicalities to take into account, too; one of those being your search engine optimisation. Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to sacrifice sleek, eloquent words in favour of eyesore keywords. It is possible to sneak search engine-friendly keywords into your copy without straying from your brand tone of voice, and here’s how to do it.

Headlines to stay away from

SEO copywriting is more than, quite literally, placing keywords in the midst of your copy. It’s the art of talking to search engines and your audience at the same time.

Yes, you’re doing it for the search engines, but you definitely don’t want to sound like you’re talking to the robots. There’s no instant-copy-ick worse than a headline like: “View our services for best copywriter Melbourne” (yuck). 

Ideally, the keywords will add to your communications, rather than detracting from it — but that can be tricky, especially when it’s a clunky long-tail keyword phrase you’re up against. Here’s where the creativity kicks in.

A sample of sleek SEO copywriting

We worked with jewellery brand The Treasured Edit on a tone of voice overhaul, plus writing captivating product descriptions for a line of jewellery that deserves to stand out — both in their target audience’s mind and at the top of the search engine list. 

To do so, we implemented relevant jewellery keywords into the product descriptions, carefully choosing on-brand words that beautifully described each piece.

Our keyword bank was as follows:

→ Gold necklace and pendant
→ 14k gold chain
→ Small gold hoops
→ Dainty gold hoops
→ Double gold hoops

Here’s how we brought it to life:

→ A [gold necklace and pendant] designed for elevated simplicity
→ The luxe [14k gold chain] holds a beautiful cubic zirconia crystal
→ Starring as the signature [small gold hoops] in your daily ear stack
→ Huggie [dainty gold hoops] are a chic, feminine way to stack your ear
→ Our staple [double gold hoops] with an elevated twist
→ The ring and [14k gold chain] are thoughtfully connected

How to write SEO copy in your brand tone of voice

Here’s our advice next time you need to write SEO-friendly copy that still speaks with human-centred voice:

1. PICK OUT THE BEST: Adjective + noun keywords (like ‘dainty gold hoops’) are a goldmine, as these flow naturally through your sentences.

2. PUNCTUATE: With a clunky phrase like “solid gold jewellery Australia”, use punctuation to break the long-tail keyword into a readable sentence. For example: “elevating your collection with solid gold jewellery, Australia wide”.

3. PLACE IT PERFECTLY: If you really can’t get a keyword to fit seamlessly — it’s like an eyesore in your copy — consider using it in a header or title, rather than body copy. We prefer to sacrifice the beauty of a quickly-glanced-over title than to distract from where the essential information lies.

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