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Studio on Hampton

CLIENT: Studio On Hampton
SCOPE: Website Copy, Email Copy
VISION: Copy that captures personality

“The personality I have on social media, as a brand, shows up in the copy. It’s the perfect balance: my sense of humour and getting the information out there.”

Those familiar with Studio on Hampton know the face of its founder as she leads her social media strategy with a distinct sense of humour and a laid-back vibe. For a launch-time website copy project, Lovenote was called in to capture her big personality in a way that represents the brand — without missing the most important details. Through voice notes, brain dumps and a kick-off strategy session, Studio on Hampton’s website copy turns the informal tone to the max — along with gentle-but-fun fine print to make bookings flow smoothly — with each word designed to connect with creatives and book out nonstop.


“When you’re a creative person, it’s hard to turn that focus on yourself, and as a business owner, it’s hard to do everything. You can read your own work a thousand times, but there will always be something you want to change or something you’ve missed. I needed a copywriter, and I wanted someone who understands my content creation business. Not a lot of people fully understand it, but Taryn picked it up instantly.”

“As a new business, I didn’t know the angle I was going to take. I didn’t even know where to start with my copywriting. The best thing we did was start with a dumping session. We got notes down, then Taryn broke it up into website pages. From then on, everything I had in mind started to make sense, even as my services and ideas shifted. She adapted to what I provided in the moment: word docs, voice notes and colour coding, I gave her a bit of everything. The process was super easy, and Taryn was able to take my thoughts and run.”

“On my social media, people hear my voice and my sense of humour, they get how informal I am. When they DM me, I reply with a voice note. And that personality I have on social media, as a brand, shows up in the website copy. But there are some things you can’t joke around about, like what is included in each service — so Taryn was able to write copy that is a perfect blend of my sense of humour and getting the information out there.”


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