Three ways to craft an irresistible About page

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The About page: every website needs one, not every consumer reads one. But when they do, it’s an essential space to entice and engage them, as you bring potential customers deeper into your brand’s journey and invite them to come along for the ride.

When faced with empty space, and the cursor blinking under the word About, it’s so easy to overcomplicate your copy. With so much blank-space opportunity to tell your story, and endless potential to compel customers to fall in love with your why, you might feel stuck at square one.

To spark the creativity and ignite your storytelling spark, start with a concept you can build from. Here are three of our favourites.

The past, present, future About page

Think of your copy split into three sections: past, present and future. This super-versatile format is not quite as simple as telling your brand’s story in a chronological way — instead, there are three key factors to focus on. This one is perfect for product-based brands.

PAST: In this section, tell your brand’s story in a way that humanises your business and connects with the reader. This is where you may decide to introduce the founder and their why. How did the business begin? What did you set out to achieve? Why was it meaningful to you? 

PRESENT: Here’s where you pivot. Instead of continuing to talk about all things your brand, shift the focus to the current consumer. How are you helping them achieve the solution they want? How are you solving their problems? Think from their perspective. What are you providing that they will care about right now
FUTURE: Customers connect with a brand that has a purpose and a vision. When diving into the future of your brand, stay away from the business metrics that mean everything to you — to put it bluntly, they probably won’t care. Instead, share your vision for the future, whether it’s helping them solve new problems in better ways, or discussing your philanthropic and charitable endeavours. Invite them to think bigger with your brand.

The who, what, why About page

The who, what, why About page is perfect for personal brands, spearheaded by one personality who aims to build a connection with each member of their audience. This is a cohesive way to invite customers to engage with who you are and connect with what you do — and, when done right, it will have them sliding into your DMs enthusiastically.

WHO: As a human-led brand, tell your real-human story. Get down to the details, but keep it engaging. How did you start, and how did you get here? Try not to demonstrate perfection; readers connect with flaws and a relatable journey. 

WHAT: The here and now; the elevator pitch; the what do you do. At this point in your journey, what are you offering to your audience? What value do you bring on a daily basis? Tease your services, and link your services page.

WHY: Think about your why on an individual level, just as you’d speak to one member of your audience (because it is just one person reading it). Why do you love helping each person who works with you? How do you improve their lives? What does this mean to you? Talk about how your work fulfils you, and how the difference you make is meaningful to you. Tie it into the benefits you bring.

The brand, values, founder About page

If this layout sounds familiar, you might’ve come from LOVENOTE’s About page (TY for reading). The brand, values, founder About page is a seamless way to introduce both an overall brand and its founder — ideal for freelancers-turned-agency or businesses that want both a big impact and a personal feel. 

BRAND: An extension of your homepage; everything desirable and different about your brand, laced with extra juicy info for those who want to get to know you better. Think from a problem-solving perspective — what is the ultimate solution you’re offering, and how does it benefit your clients? 

VALUES: If there are three (or four or five) things you care about, what would they be? This will help you connect with skim-readers while winning hearts in just a few seconds; it ensures you reach clients and customers who connect with what you do. Think of it as a sharp, snappy summary of your main points of difference.

FOUNDER: Consider this section the what combined with the why from the previous layout. Keep it short and sweet, but make an impact with what you share. While your brand and its values are the stand-out piece, this founder-led section makes an impact with those who seek a more personal connection with you. 

About page copywriting by LOVENOTE

If you’re still seeking inspiration for website copywriting — or you’d like to get experienced eyes on your words — LOVENOTE takes your About page to the next level, perfectly capturing your most desirable qualities while compelling customers to care. Get our rate card for the details.

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