Stand out from the sound-alikes with a fresh voice in your industry.

From square one to irresistible brand.

This detailed guide means your team will action every post quicker, craft communications consistently, and be heard above the noise in a sea of brands that will never be you.

Why TOV?

We infuse recognisable personality into your brand.

How do you capture your brand in words? Which messages resonate; which phrases fall flat? How do you convey your best qualities across every sentence, headline and platform?

Leave it to Lovenote. Tone of voice strategy refines every phrase, word and vocabulary choice to the fullest, maximising the potential of every platform. We start with audience analysis and land at messages that resonate; we show your brand how to carve its own lane through strategic communications paired with creative storytelling. We craft messages that make your brand the obvious choice for its audience, enticing them to connect with you on a deeper level.

Whether you’re just-launched or established, if your voice could use a refresh, we’re here to infuse strategy across everywhere you write. It’s never a repeat, nor a duplicate, but original copywriting strategy that captures the essence of your brand — paired with a detailed guide to carry it perfectly across mediums.

Our Signature Strategy service..

is the tone of voice guide that analyses audience and competitors, refines the right message to move them, then defines the dictionary and details — so you keep every word on flawless, irresistible track.

What’s included?



Copywriting is the connection between audience and brand, so who’s on the other end? We dive into the attitudes, lifestyles and beliefs of your customers, so you create content that connects — and share messages that move them the right way.


There’s others like you, but none who could truly repeat you — so we pull out what makes you distinct. Our competitor analysis dives into the how-they-say-it of other brands, so we know what not to replicate, and define how you’ll stand out from the rest.


We check the boxes of must-have brand-specific content: from defining your mission and vision to describing your personality, plus a short-snappy bio to share when opportunities arise. Then we dive into the distinct direction of where your brand voice will go.


Your sleek new tone of voice has been put into words — and now, we share. Our tone of voice guide is instantly usable with ease, as we provide directions, characteristics and an actionable list of tips for communicating consistently. Rest assured we’ll teach you.


We put our dictionary where our mouth is. Rely on this section for your go-to vocabulary, describing all the features and factors that make your products or services so good, all the way to the life changing benefits your consumers experience. This is how you’ll talk the talk.


Samples from us, real content for you. We’ll show you how the guidelines translate to real-world copy in a series of samples for socials, emails and ads — the cherry on top you can share with your audience today. It’s our bonus copy gift for trusting us with your vision.


From mindblowing open rates to way higher conversions, our clients are utterly in love with their results — and you will be, too.

How does it work?

Our process is defined by not taking up your time

The analysis, strategy and creative storytelling is on us — sit back and receive an actionable guide in your inbox. We begin with a get-to-know-you phase, where we dive into all things your brand; you’ll fill out a streamlined brief that tells us everything we need to know. Schedule an hour or two for completion, then send existing brand strategy and guidelines, so we can embody your brand on every level. Leave it to us as we disappear into our creative studio for the deep-dive discovery phase, from competitor to audience, and every word and phrase in between.

After that, we take it and run

You’ll see us again when we land in your inbox with the ultimate deliverable: your tone of voice strategy, wrapped in one neat little guide.

We’re open to feedback and changes, but rest assured it’s instantly usable the second you receive it.


…between audience and brand, and your message must resonate to stand out. We define your voice, refine your message, then show you how to follow through — so your brand is consistently heard and understood by those who matter most.

Tone of Voice

Your distinct brand dictionary.


Copy that demands attention.



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