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If you have big plans for your brand — you want to shoot to the top in sales, loyalty and consumer attention — your brand deserves its own blog. If you want to reach cult-status, making moves that shake up your industry and grow an obsessive following, brand blogging is a non-negotiable.

It might sound overrated, at first. Why put your time and attention into a hidden-on-your-website blog, when your business is instantly discoverable through socials? 

While the hit of instant-reach dopamine is highest through mass-visibility platforms like Reels and TikTok, your brand blog provides massive benefits that far outweigh the time and money spent. Blogs have no vanity metrics, double-taps or (publicly visible) view counts to inspire you to keep posting — but they are an investment that radiates through your overall content strategy to make your brand an unstoppable powerhouse in delivering its message to your audience.

Simply put? Brand blogging is worth it for many reasons you can’t achieve through social media. 

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, pause for a second and step away from the AI tool, because fresh, original content from your brand’s unique perspective is the only way to win. If you’re not convinced yet, below are six benefits your brand will gain from blog posting — if and when your posts contain unique, inimitable content tied closely with your brand’s strategic message and values.

Blogs feed into your social content strategy 

There’s no need to dive blindly into a social media content calendar. When your first destination for content creation is your brand blog, an hour of writing (or, if you’re outsourcing, a quick project for your copywriter) can feed into many more posts than you can possibly think up in an hour’s time. 

For example, we wrote this Lovenote blog post about email sequence copywriting. From this content piece, we created an Instagram post about each of the four email sequences, then broke this down further to discuss welcome sequences. We touched on these topics through Instagram Story posting, then included a link to the blog in our monthly email newsletter. So far, one initial blog post has become four more pieces of content, with potential for more — as each blog can be broken into bits and pieces to inspire social media posting for weeks to come. 

Our client, Ritua, agrees with this method, too: “We’ve created a strategy based on the blog posts [written by Lovenote]. Our target market is young processionals, so we post the articles on LinkedIn, then reuse it to create content for other social channels, and create Reels and TikToks. From one blog post Taryn wrote, we’re able to create over twenty pieces of content.”

Blog posts are clickable content for your email newsletter 

If you’re utilising a successful email newsletter strategy (if not, learn how to Send Cult Favourite Newsletters here), you need clickable content to keep each email fresh and full of value. Blog posts are one of the best ways to drive traffic back to your website through email marketing — because your website is generally where you want your audience to go. 

When you include blogs in your email marketing, your posts will instantly do double duty. Pull a snippet from the blog post to include in your newsletter, then include a link to read the post in full. Be sure to select an engaging snippet that puts readers in the middle of the action, with a cliffhanger that gets them to click, like so: 

“Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to sacrifice sleek words in favour of eyesore keywords. It is possible to sneak search-engine friendly keywords into your copy without straying from your brand tone of voice. Here’s how to do it.” 

It’s a platform owned by your brand

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you absolutely must build your audience on platforms you own. Two of the best places to do this are through your email marketing list and your brand blog, live (and safe) on your website. This is because your social media accounts could disappear tomorrow, leaving your business in the dust with no way to contact your loyal audience, even if they’re eagerly awaiting hearing from you. With an email list for outreach paired with a brand blog where they can find you, you will never risk losing your audience to the whims of Meta and TikTok — and the less risk in business, the better, so don’t miss out on these owned-audience opportunities.

Your brand will educate, inspire, inform and entertain 

You’re not just here to sell products and services — you’re here to build a loyal audience, a cult following, a target group of consumers who genuinely enjoy hearing from you. If you’re not speaking to them (by creating content consistently), how can they listen? While video content is fantastic for reach and social media content is its own necessity, maintaining a long-form platform where consumers can truly get to know your brand and its values brings more loyalty and love over the long term. 

You don’t have to be too specific or niche with it, either. Dive into content that resonates with the lifestyle of your audience, and speak to what they’re experiencing and living right now. For example, if you own an SPF skincare brand inspired by sunshine, hot holidays and the tropics, you could write blog posts about:

  • Which SPF level to choose, based on where you’re going for your holiday 
  • How often, and when, to reapply sunscreen 
  • Keeping your skin safe and protected, featuring an expert dermatologist 
  • A sun-safe checklist before you hit the beach
  • Destination holiday inspiration, such as a guide to Positano 

You can also dive into the story behind your brand: a founder’s journey, more about the problem you solve, what makes you different and compelling behind-the-scenes. The possibilities are limitless, as each blog reinforces what your brand stands for (and demonstrates that value you bring).

You’ll snap up SEO benefits

This is the classic reason to blog for your business: boosting your SEO status. Major players like Hubspot have built and scaled their businesses on the back of blog post marketing, shooting to the top of search engines as they answer the questions their target is asking. As a result, they’ve become the go-to guru in many business spaces, using information-packed blogs to educate and inform, then introduce readers to their brand. 

This is a move you can duplicate in your business, whether you’re a tech business or a fashion label, and beyond. When you become a blog posting powerhouse, your business snaps up all the SEO benefits that come with it, positioning you as the one to beat in your industry. Whether the benefits are massive — or small and incremental — every blog post counts. Google loves new and fresh content (and, according to rumours, punishes what is obviously AI-written), so if you’re the one providing the true, genuine good stuff, you’ll rise to the top of the list over time. 

Your audience runs back to you — not the competition 

If you’re utilising blog posts for your SEO strategy, be sure that your information is high quality, informative, educational, inspiring, aspirational, relatable or relevant — you’re not writing and repeating what’s already been said just for the sake of posting it. The goal is to have your audience (or future customers, who find you through blogs) run to your brand for advice, expertise and guidance. If you can’t answer their questions, and your brand doesn’t show up on the other end of what they’re searching for… they’ll land on your competitors’ doorsteps instead. 

A powerful blog posting strategy ensures your audience runs to your business for the information they’re seeking, not the competition. 

Brand blog copywriting with Lovenote

At Lovenote, we go above and beyond simple SEO blog posting to deliver fan-favourite content that connects, converts and compels — because every blog has the potential to win target audience hearts. Our blog posts are packed with on-brand information and inspiration, providing value to your readers that radiates through your email marketing and social media strategies, so you never run out of content ideas. 

If you’re not sure what to write, or where to start, we build your brand’s blog post foundation along with you — weaving strategic messages through valuable content, instantly shareable across platforms. Get our Rate Card for the details

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